Tune My Screen

Easy Working on a white screen

“Line or Cross” is a practical add-on for Microsoft Windows. The prime reason for users of the Standard version is extending their computer mouse with a line of cross shaped guide. It guides your eyes while going through on-screen web pages as well as reading and editing PDF, Word and Excel documents.

The Standard version also allows you to increase eye comfort further. Apply a cover filter, and possibly add a matt paper-look background texture, to soften intense color and brilliant white screen displays. That makes the hours spent looking at larger computer monitors with plastic reflective screens more efficient and relaxing. The features comprised in the Standard version are a relief for many computer users who spend hours reading internet articles or viewing/editing files in text processors and spreadsheets.

The Standard version of “Line or Cross” is perfect for anyone who regularly read online information or edit Word or Excel documents, including teachers, managers and retirees. Teachers and managers also use the line and cross guides in presentations to get information across more intuitively.

The product can only be downloaded electronically. No physical shipment (of e.g. a CD or a box) is made.