Line or Cross – Standard

Line or Cross Standard
Line or Cross Standard

Line or Cross Standard is a practical add-on for Microsoft Windows®, combining the colour and texture overlay capabilities of Tune my Screen with additional navigational functions. Line or Cross Standard works unobtrusively on top of your usual mouse functions to help you find and keep your place while working or reading onscreen.

Line Or Cross Standard offers 4 foreground modes: small line, large line, small cross, large cross, with adjustable size and color and transparency.

The line shaped guide makes reading of text on web pages, PDF and text documents faster and easier. The cross shaped guide makes it easier to find or edit information at the correct position in tables.

Line or Cross Standard version also allows you to increase eye comfort by adjusting the appearance of your screen, with all the features found in Tune my Screen. Apply a colour filter or add a matt paper-look background texture, to soften intense colour and brilliant white screen displays.

Hours spent looking at large computer monitors with bright and shiny screens become less stressful and more productive. The standard version of Line or Cross is perfect for anyone who reads large amounts of information onscreen or edits text documents or spreadsheets, or works with tables or databases.

The product can only be downloaded electronically. No physical shipment (of e.g. a CD or a box) is made and does not include mouse devices.