Line or Cross Pro
Line or Cross Pro

Line or Cross Pro offers all the benefits of the Advanced version, and additionally provides “Dual Mouse” modes to show 2 mouse pointers or 2 line segments simultaneously. Controlling the 2 pointers or 2 lines is easy and intuitive using two mice, one on either side of your keyboard. The two mice can be moved simultaneously, and either mouse can be used for scrolling or clicking.

The 2 pointers are especially useful for transcribers, where one mouse can be used to operate (e.g. start/stop) an audio-player, and the other mouse can be used for editing a document.

The 2 lines are especially useful for translators and reviewers, to underline words in the source and target document, allowing them to effortlessly switch focus back and forth between the text in the two documents without having to point to the screen with your finger.

This makes the Pro version particularly useful for professional translators and proofreaders allowing them to switch attention effortlessly between two documents, for detailed document comparison (e.g. word by word translation) or professional lookup and writing work (e.g. attorneys, lawyers, bookkeepers and proofreaders or reviewers).

The product can only be downloaded electronically. No physical shipment (of e.g. a CD or a box) is made and does not include mouse devices.

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