Line or Cross Advandced
Line or Cross Advanced

The Advanced version of “Line or Cross” essentially introduces ‘Freeze Line’ and ‘Dual Mouse’ capabilities on top of what’s covered by the Standard version.

The ‘Freeze Line’ and ‘Dual Mouse’ capabilities add a new dimension, in split-screen mode or on two separate screens. The use of the line and cross shaped guides greatly simplify repetitive tasks.

‘Freeze Line’ lets you flexibly switch between following the storyline on a webpage or PDF document and editing a Word or Excel document, for example. ‘Freeze Line’ may work for you as an efficiency booster because it helps you keep focused when combining lookup and writing work, or comparing two documents word by word. That particularly applies to students, translators, transcribers, attorneys, lawyers, bookkeepers, proofreaders, etc.

In ‘Dual Mouse’ mode, you can actively work with your dominant hand while occasionally moving the second guide with your non-dominant hand. That is valuable for language teachers giving courses or managers giving presentations with a beamer or online. Also professional reviewers and (patent) translators, will benefit from the tool. For translators, the ‘Dual Mouse’ mode is helpful for Computer Aided Translator (CAT) users, regardless whether using the line guide inside or outside the CAT tool.

The product can only be downloaded electronically. No physical shipment (of e.g. a CD or a box) is made and does not include mouse devices.

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