Line or Cross – Advanced

Line or Cross Advandced
Line or Cross Advanced

Line or Cross Advanced adds the ‘Frozen Line’ and ‘Hand Pointer’ capabilities, on top of the Standard version capabilities.

In the “Frozen Line” mode, Line or Cross splits your screen, and shows a horizontal line segment that moves up and down with the mouse to underline text in the first document, on the left, and that freezes when you move the mouse to work in the second document, on the right. In this way, the text in the left document remains underlined, while you work in the right document, without having to point to the screen with your finger.

This feature is particularly useful for occasional translators and proofreaders allowing them to switch attention effortlessly between two documents, and for anyone involved with occasional document comparison or combined lookup and writing work (e.g. students, writers, editors).

‘Hand Pointer’ superimposes a pointing hand graphic over your mouse arrow, making it much more visible. This is invaluable when giving courses or presentations with a beamer or online, making it easier for your audience to follow your story as you walk through the slides.

The product can only be downloaded electronically. No physical shipment (of e.g. a CD or a box) is made and does not include mouse devices.