Ever felt tired reading massive amounts of text on-screen? Lose your thread when reading documents onscreen? Struggle to find the right cell in a spreadsheet
NiceProTools offers a range of software products to make onscreen reading and working easier, less stressful and more productive.

Tune My Screen and Line or Cross are add-ons for Microsoft Windows®, with an intuitive interface in more than 20 languages. Discover which product is best for you by reading the benefits, the product pages, and by checking the compare table.

Tune my Screen
Tune My Screen
Tune My Screen

Tune My Screen offers a coloured or textured overlay to transform shiny bright background into a matt paper-like background to reduce eyestrain, and allows you to take a screenshot (color/gray) and automatically save as JPEG file.

Line or Cross Standard
Line or Cross
Standard version

Line or Cross Standard adds in navigation tools to help you stay on track. In ‘line’ mode a semi-transparent line helps you keep your place when reading documents, while the ‘cross’ mode speeds up navigating in worksheets and tables.


Line or Cross Advanced
Line or Cross
Advanced version

Line or Cross Advanced adds “Hand Pointer” and “Frozen Line” functionality. The Hand Pointer is a superimposed hand graphic over your mouse arrow, making it much more visible. The “Frozen Line” is a horizontal line segment which moves up/down when the mouse moves on one part of the screen, and which freezes when the mouse moves on the other part of your screen.

Line or Cross Pro
Line or Cross
Pro version

Line or Cross Pro further adds “dual mouse” functionality to show 2 mouse pointers or 2 line segments simultaneously, which can be moved intuitively by two mice, one on either side of your keyboard.


Easy on screen reading

Read with ease

Your office desk and chair are ergonomic. You take regular breaks to stretch. But millions of people spend hours reading internet articles or editing files in text documents or spreadsheets without ever really stopping to consider if their onscreen environment is comfortable.

Our tools let you make small tweaks for a big difference. Customisable screen overlays allow you to modify the colour and texture of your screen for comfort. And the line or cross navigational tool reduces the cognitive load of finding and keeping your place. All this makes for a more comfortable online experience.

Reduce eye strain

Reduce eye strain

In a connected world (with email, internet, …) and a paperless office, people tend to read ever more information on screen.
Screen sizes and resolutions get larger, text gets smaller, people get older, but vision deteriorates, and eye strain increases.

Printed text is probably best read as black text on a white background, but this is not the most comfortable way for working on a computer.
Our easily adjusted filters transform a shiny white background into a matt paper-like background, making reading from your computer screen as comfortable as reading from paper, reduce the strain and promote better overall eye health.

efficiency booster

Boost efficiency

As anyone who regularly undertakes repetitive cross-referencing tasks onscreen will tell you, little inconveniences like losing your place can quickly add up to a big problem. Line or Cross is the perfect tool to flexibly combine lookup and editing, or compare two documents more efficiently. The line or cross guide keeps your place unobtrusively, so you can get on with the work at hand without pointing to the screen with your fingers.

The ‘Frozen Line’ function (in the Advanced & Pro versions) makes it simple to compare or edit two documents side by side, and the “dual mouse” modes (in the Pro version) make it easy to compare two documents word by word.

Our tools help you to reduce mental fatigue, and provide an enjoyable and more productive onscreen experience.

Dual Mouse mode

Dual-mouse mode

If one hand is good, two must be even better! Make proofreading tasks and cross-referencing tasks twice as efficient with the ‘Dual Mouse’ mode (available in the Pro version).

With a mouse in each hand you can manipulate two pointers or two lines in two applications.

Moving the two lines is easy, even with your non-dominant hand.

Frequent switching between source and target documents becomes simple and efficient, and is much less mentally demanding.


Plenty of versions

No two users are alike, so we have developed different versions, and each version has many options to suit the needs of everyone.

* Tune my Screen offers screen filtering benefits even the most casual computer user can appreciate.

* Line or Cross Standard satisfies most users who read large amounts of text, and work with tables or spreadsheets.

* The ‘Frozen Line’ function in the Advanced and Pro are especially beneficial when comparing two documents side by side, or for combined lookup and writing work.

* The ‘Dual Mouse’ capabilities in the Pro version offer unprecedented capabilities of efficiently working at two different locations on a large screen.

For a more detailed comparison of our product range, check out our handy table.

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